Not Your Typical Staffing Vendor, We’re Your Partner

Empowered Partnerships LLC is a company built on a foundation of experience, and the drive to be something that most staffing companies aren’t…a partner, not a vendor.

We define Partnership as a true relationship built on honest communication, and continual support on all sides. By valuing all sides of the relationship equally, (Client Partners, Candidate/Contractors and Empowered Partnerships) sight is never lost on the goal of achieving balance and ensuring that the right candidate, is in the right job, at the right company, the first time.

One of the most unique ways EP is redefining the relationship is to first and foremost decide if there is a good match between the Client Company and EP.  Empowered Partnerships doesn’t take on every Client, and that is intentional. When there is a true partnership where the needs are truly understood, and the Client Partner understands EP’s scope, it uniquely allows for positions to be filled faster and more effectively than with a “vendor”.

There are a lot of companies out there that want to be a vendor.  You call, they toss some resumes your way and see what sticks, end of story.

That is not Empowered Partnerships.

Empowered Partnerships offers a diverse set of flexible solutions designed to truly understand the needs of our clients.  Partnerships are built on strong communication, and with that, EP’s standard is to meet with each Client Partner on a regular basis to maintain a focus on their needs.  Having a standing meeting provides a continual open conversation of needs and available resources so both the Partners and Empowered Partnerships understand where we are regarding help.

This helps everyone understand the needs and EP becomes a true extension the Partner’s Recruiting Team, ready and able to help with needs as quickly as possible.  As with any relationship, great communication is key and having a standing meeting helps maintain overall communication while also providing feedback to candidates in a timely manner.  From EP’s side, it also allows us to adjust priorities as quickly as they change at the Client Partners.

Being a true partner to our Clients provides value and understanding, as well as, a deeper relationship than can be had from a vendor.  Empowered Partnerships is not just another recruitment firm or staffing company.  Knowing the Client Partner’s needs, challenges and successes helps EP provide solid candidates, with customized backgrounds to assist in even the most difficult searches.

Ask Us Why We LOVE Purple Squirrels!

EP is dedicated to forward thinking Mental and Behavioral Health organizations, who have a need to be prepared for ALL openings, even if they open without much warning.  They like to know who they are working with, and have a relationship with the owners of the company, knowing they’ll receive honest, forthright service.

Empowered Partnerships is dedicated to those Client Partners who are ready for a Partnership, where they know they can reliably depend on quick, honest and customized service every time.

Are you the next EP Partner?  Contact us to start the conversation.

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