What does the temp hiring process look like? Step-by-Step

For a company that has not used Temporary employees or Contractors before, how they can go about hiring them can be a bit curious.

Empowered Partnerships LLC (aka EP) has broken down that process into 7 simple steps.  After all, our motto is “Staffing made simple.”

We want employers to know exactly what to expect so we have developed a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how the whole process works from start to finish.

So, to paint that picture for you here is exactly how hiring Temp/Contract Staff Works with EP.

Here goes…


The 7 Steps:

#1 Kick-off:

EP would have a call with the hiring team (or just the hiring manager) to gain a full understanding of the role(s) to be filled, gathering all details, and developing a candidate profile.

#2 Screening/Interviews:

EP would quickly and efficiently develop a strong pipeline of qualified and pre-screened candidates, present those candidates to the employer and the employer (with EP assistance) would walk the candidates selected through their interview process.

#3 Hiring Temps/Contractors:

Once the employer’s interview process has been completed and one or more candidates have been selected for hire, EP would handle the employee on-boarding and setup paperwork, including background and drug screening.

#4 Start Date(s):

The Temp(s)/Contractor(s) begin working for the employer as if they were the employer’s own internal employee, on-site and under the supervision of the employer’s team.

#5 On-Going Time Keeping:

Each week, EP would handle timecard collection, processing, and paying the employee. The employer’s only obligation is to approve the time.

#6 Invoicing:

Each week EP would send out an invoice to be paid on a net 30-day (standard) cycle.

#7 To the Future and Beyond:

As the duration of the contract continues, the buyout fee for each Temp/Contractor decreases. Whenever the employee is being transferred over to full-time with the employer, the employer would be billed a 1-time “buyout fee”.


That’s it!  No long drawn out process, no back and forth processing, it’s that simple.

Meanwhile, you have enjoyed the flexibility to scale (up or down) with projects as they come in…

You have adjusted and fluctuated workloads as needed…

You have raised the morale of your internal team…

You have saved a TON in revenue by lowering your overhead costs…

Not too shabby, huh?

If you are considering building your team or adding additional support for incoming projects, let us know.

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Empowered Partnerships LLC provides temporary, contract, and contract-to-hire personnel to healthcare and dental employers from coast to coast.  We have a wide variety of skilled specialty staff ready to work for you. 

No matter if you are looking for temporary/contract workers, contract-to-hire personnel, direct hire staff, direct sourcing support, retained recruitment assistance, or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, we offer many different options to help employers hire and continue to grow.

If you are interested in learning more about temporary, and contractor staffing options, please contact us at contact@empowered-partnerships.com or view more information about our services on our Employer’s Staffing Services page.

We look forward to working with you!

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