What’s New with Empowered Partnerships?


There are BIG things going on at Empowered Partnerships LLC!

We have some updates to share with you!

The mental health market continues to BOOM!  And we are continuing to grow and develop our recruitment leadership within the industry.  As we enter into the last remaining months of 2015, we fully anticipate to see a continuation of new opportunities opening up through the end of the year!   To keep up with all this wonderful, fantastic growth…

Empowered Partnerships LLC has cultivated some exciting improvements!!

We are also thrilled to announce the creation of the EP Employee Program!

Here are some highlights…



First of all, have you seen our BRAND SPANKIN” NEW WEBSITE?

We could not have been more excited to debut our NEW Website earlier this month!  If you have not seen it yet, please visit us at www.empowered-partnerships.com and check it out!  Through our beautiful new site, we are able to present our company mission and the purpose we work to each day.  Job-Seekers and Companies can get to know us, how Empowered Partnerships is doing things differently within the industry and, of course, how we can help!



We are consistently working to stay at the forefront of the goings-on within the mental health industry.  We regularly post content relevant to the industry and those amazing professionals working within it.

Are you someone who likes completing health challenges?  Follow our blog to participate in our 30-Day Health Challenges, as well as, Opportunity-Oriented Contests for Professionals!

Plus lots more!



Want to connect or just stay in touch?  Job-Seekers can easily connect with us on any social outlet, like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.  You can also register with us and opt to start receiving our weekly newsletter, Mental Health Happenings – Weekly

Open to new opportunities?  Connect with us directly about our open positions.  Currently working, but want to stay open to future possibilities?  Easily let us know.  And for those working for Empowered Partnerships LLC, quickly enter time worked and verify information to get you paid!


Those who join our team, hold a special place in our hearts.


Like our clients, we wanted to go beyond the standard expectation and create a service-offering to make everyone feel like a part of the team.  With this in mind, we have created our EP Employee Program!

It’s important for us to know our team members have the coverage they need.  We are excited to offer Medical Benefits through Kaiser for all of our Employees who work an average of 30 hours/week after 90 days of employment.  Empowered Partnerships contributes a percentage of the cost toward each employee’s selected healthcare plan.  Depending on the option selected, it can be up to 75% of the cost of the premium!

We also recognize that life happens and sometimes team members need coverage.  You got it!  In addition, all of our team members will receive 3 days of sick leave per year, all while on a contract or contract to hire role.

Interested in learning more about us?