Why is mental health important to me?

The personal account of our very own

Jon Drogheo, Director of Talent Acquisition 

“This question was frankly posed to me by someone I had only just met.”

It made me stop and think.


“I’m not sure I quite know how to answer that” I thought to myself. 


Until that moment, it had never been asked of me before.  While personal, it is why I work in the Mental Health industry and its me.


Here is my text response to the question, “Why is mental health important to you?”

“About 13 yrs ago, I had a panic attack due to huge amounts of stress and not taking care of myself. From there I fell into a depressive state and over the course of a few years I got help.  It took me the realization “I was not right”, when I caught myself in the fetal position, crying in bed, dreading going to work, and hoping a bus would hit me, because at the time and how I felt, it would be better than the way I was feeling.  I’ve learned to turn things around and though my clarity, I believe things could have got worse without help.


Since then, I’ve lost too many friends to suicide or drug addiction.  I have worked with many kids through my coaching, who have anxiety, depression, bipolar and social anxiety that I want to be there for them, support and love them for who they are. 


In 2016 was Mental Health First Aid certified and QPR trained this year.  I want to provide education and resources to all, to get help and for them to know it’s ok to get help.  Let them know it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to talk. 


My daughter has a learning disability along with anxiety and depression.  I have helped her along the way, sharing what I have learned, taught her how to meditate and be a calming voice in her storm.  I have learned that with the support she has had in school, doctors and others, things would be bad. 


The professionals in the industry are the absolute best and I want to do what I can in my role to elevate them in their careers and the organizations they work for, meet their mission to provide the absolute best care for a mentally healthy community.”


It’s important we ask ourselves this question, “Why is mental health important to me?”  Not just once, but repeatedly throughout our lifetime.  

Mental health affects everyone.  Taking a moment to stop and honestly ask ourselves ‘why is mental health important to me’ can be the turning point we need.  No matter if its your own experience or someone else’s that inspires you to make mental health a priority, it’s the positive change that is most important. 


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