An Open Letter to the Mental and Behavioral Health Community…

This is an open letter to the Mental and Behavioral Health Community.

I am writing to you today as a way of formally introducing Empowered Partnerships as your new resource for Staffing in the Mental and Behavioral Health industry. We are asked many times, “Why did you choose Mental and Behavioral Health?” and the answer is one we’re very proud of.

Having over 20 years combined experience in the staffing Industry, we have worked in a variety of industries from Financial, Banking, IT, and Accounting. We have been very successful in these industries, but when we formally opened our own company in March 2015, we were intentional about working with an industry that is dedicated to the practice of caring for others and improving quality of life.

Mental Health Happenings Weekly

We started working in the Mental Health industry in 2014 when our services were first referred into a local organization here in Denver.

Needless to say, it was an instant match and we fell in love.

From the start, we were astounded to learn about all the great things the Mental and Behavioral Health industry does, not only for their patients, but for the families of those patients and all those they touch.  The impact of the industry and those working in it are profound and reach far beyond their office walls. The Nurses, Clinicians and Therapists we’re placing have an effect on hundreds of people on a daily basis, and the organizations who employ them are helping millions through their efforts.

Then there was the general attitude of everyone working within the industry that stood out from the start; each person was there for a reason and with the goal of making a positive contribution to mental health care.

That was powerful.

Everything was then solidified as we completed our first search.  The deeper we got, the more we knew we too wanted to make a contribution of our skill-set to also help make a difference in the mental health space.

Since then, we have helped them and other mental health organizations successfully fill Psychiatric Nursing, Licensed Counselors, Clinician and Therapist opportunities.  It is truly a wonderful feeling and satisfaction for us to work with organizations dedicated to the Mental Health of their clients and community.

Having had this personal experience with clinical staff in the industry, we came to realize all of our work before this has led to this direction.  We decided to let go of our pursuit of all other industries and jump in.  It was clear, mental health care was exactly where we were supposed to be.

Today, our company is proud to provide a valued resource to those organizations who are dedicated to the mental health and wellness of their patients and the community.  Our success is defined by our direct relationships to amazing organizations, and our ability to provide them with qualified, licensed and certified clinical staff for their needs, so these companies can continue to provide reliable service to their clients and patients.

After all, your patient needs don’t stop when you have a hiring need.  We’re humbled and honored to help provide talented professionals to fill those gaps so there is no lack of service to patients.

So, you asked… Why do we focus on Mental and Behavioral Health?

“Because our passion for the industry wouldn’t let us do anything else.”

We are honored to help those companies and individuals who give their careers to help so many others.


Your Friends in Mental Health Staffing, 

Dani Rice & Ashley Lane McKelvey

Co-Founders, Empowered Partnerships

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