A Satisfied Customer is the Best Strategy of All

Organizations deserve a staffing partner that works quickly, understands their business thoroughly and is a true partner not only to the company but to the industry as a whole.

Finding a flexible, responsive and focused partner is the reason organizations choose to partner with Empowered Partnerships.  We prefer to maintain a highly flexible environment for clients and candidates.  This focus is due to the owners of the organization, who act as the key points of contact for all of our Partner Clients and Job-Seekers.

Customized Services Flexible for All Needs

With a combined experience of over 20 years in the staffing industry, Ashley Lane McKelvey and Dani Rice are professionals with a wide variety of experience.  One of the main themes throughout both of their careers being a focus on ethics and quality in their work.  From this came a purpose to truly ‘Partner’ with each individual, Job-Seekers and Client Companies in need of talent.  This results in a straight-forward, enjoyable and uncomplicated experience for both parties.

Direct Relationships with the Owners

Working with the owners allows EP to be agile and flexible in their partnerships.  EP offers unique and customized service packages from Traditional Staffing, when companies need help during busy season, to Personalized Partnership Agreements, where we become an extension of the recruiting team working to help our clients fill jobs as fast as possible while also representing their brand.


K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sister

Sometimes partnering with staffing companies can be, let’s say… muddy.  Companies can find themselves in complicated situations regarding pricing and relationships.

From their own corporate experience, the owners of EP understand the need for flexibility.  Our ability to work direct with each Client Partner on their own needs, customizing resources and pricing appropriately, even on high volume accounts.  No red tape, no meetings behind closed doors, just honest and flexible pricing and responses.

We have all heard the horror stories…  Company posts jobs on website, staffing company throws C-quality candidates over the fence trying to see if something sticks.  Or my personal favorite, staffing company sends A+quality candidate, company falls in love, staffing company sends contract with price and company gets let down because of huge price tag.  I mean, come on, this is absolutely accomplishing nothing for no one.

With Empowered Partnerships EVERY TIME a Client Partner is in need, they reach out directly to the owners of the company.  This is to ensure that the service is delivered at the same high consistency they’ve come to expect.  In addition, the owners aren’t going anywhere, so there is no chance of hearing “I’m sorry she’s no longer here, but I can help you!”

Organizations value consistency and don’t have time to re-train a new staffing partner on their culture and needs. EP has removed this concern and, in turn, presents the avenue to deliver quality service on time, every time.

Lastly, working with the owners also means that there is a direct relationship with the company, and EP recognizes and humbly appreciates each and every partnerships built.

Are you the next EP Partner?  Contact us to get the conversation started.


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