What You Will Find in the NEW Empowered Partnerships’ Website

As we mentioned in our last blog (view it here), it was time for our Empowered Partnerships’ website to have a new look and feel to highlight the many faucets to our growing business.  We are an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) firm 100% dedicated to the Mental & Behavioral Health industry.  For us, this means more than just filling jobs.  Its about creating solutions and strategies for organization and job-seekers looking for something specialized to their particular needs.

Our website (www.Empowered-Partnerships.com) now has two easy-to-navigate sections designed especially for Employers and Job-Seekers.


The Empowered Partnerships’ Website has information on the industry, for Employers, that you may not have realized before.  As well as, information on how our unique solutions address these difficulties.  Our goal is always to save you time, money, and provide you with results that last.

How do we do this?  We save you time by being locked-in to the community before you even call us.  We are experts in what we do and maintain relationships with active and inactive candidates so we can move quickly on all the searches we see.

We save you money by offering a cost-effective hiring plans that are designed to be extremely competitive with other offers often given by our competitors.

Lastly, we create specialized and unique solutions to your most difficult hiring concerns that companies can implement and continue to develop even after our work is done, so we leave you with resolutions that last.

We have also created a registration solution which allows you to input your company information and contact info, so you don’t have to put it in every time you post a job with us!  Nice, right?

Also, each job you post is ABSOLUTELY FREE!  We are always marketing our services to Job-Seekers, which provides you with lots of free exposure to the professionals you are looking for, again completely FREE to you!


For our Job-Seekers, we tailored our Empowered-Partnerships’ website specifically to your needs.  We understand applying to jobs can be a huge hassle and sometimes you just want one place to see it all.  Request granted!

You now have a one-stop-shop for all things hiring/employment in the mental and behavioral health community!  This includes resources for your job search such as resume building tips, how-to’s on what to do when applying to jobs and expert advice custom-made to your needs.

We also have Featured Employers for you to see!  These are companies we have worked with in the past or presently who have been vetted as Employers of Choice!” 

EP now has a Jobs Page where you can search open positions and apply directly with your resume or through Facebook!  We have also set up a Job-Seeker portal so you can register your information and save it.  This will save you lots of time when your applying to multiple jobs and you don’t have to put in the same info every time you apply.

Lastly, once you have applied to a position and your application has been accepted, we have set up a new piece of the process (ok, its not totally new but more developed) where you will be completely prepped for the interview!  This will include everything from discussing details of the role and company to helping you tweak your resume.  Sorry, we won’t write the whole thing for you, but we are experts in the field and can assist you in making some changes to help you gain more visibility with employers.

With all this, we hope you will visit our new and improved website, take a walk around and let us know your thoughts, suggestions, questions, concerns, etc.  Your feedback is ALWAYS valued and appreciated!

Visit the new Empowered Partnerships’ website here: www.Empowered-Partnerships.com