You Can’t Hide from a Bad Reputation

Written by Dani Rice, Co-Founder & Chief Mental Health Employer Solutions Provider, Empowered Partnerships

Reputation is everything.

A businesses good reputation propel companies as recognized as top of their class, and the experts in their industry.

However, while organizations understand their reputation in the consumer market, they rarely understand their place and reputation with the top Job Seekers. Consequently, this can lead to an inability to fill positions, or worse, making bad hires.

Reputations can be tarnished by a number of factors:You can't Hide from a Bad Reputation

  • Slow hiring process
  • Not communicating with Job Seekers
  • Untrained Management Team
  • Micro-managers
  • Unsupported staff
  • High turnover

Therefore, multiple factors internally and externally can contribute to a tarnished reputation. The result is dire. Job Seekers not applying to positions, or declining offers.

The most challenging thing about a tarnished reputation,

is that most organizations don’t even know that their reputation is tarnished.

Ultimately, the time has come. Time to stand up and address the hidden reputation problem.  In the end, understanding the root problem of reputation will give Organizations the power to make real change. Ultimately, changing their reputation.

Alas, this cannot be done internally. Job Seekers don’t tell organizations why they aren’t applying. Instead, it needs to be a third party. External consultants gain information from a wide Job Seeker market, especially those Job Seekers who aren’t applying.

Making real change starts with understanding data from all facets of the market.

Progressive, forward thinking organizations are willing to stand up and address the Reputation Problem. Ultimately increasing their ability to recruit and retain top talent for their organization.

Contact Empowered Partnerships to step out of hiding, and start talking about your reputation in the market.